My name is Denise and I have been making dollshouse miniatures for the past 14 years. I make all the furniture for my dollhouses of which I have eight. Most of them I have made from scratch, have a couple of them I made from kits and alterted them to my liking both on the inside and outside.

Its not the building of the houses I particular like doing ... its the designing the insides of the rooms and making the furniture to go inside them

The things I haven't tried to do is throw pottery, blow glass and make tin ware. The rest I make, upholstery comes easy to me as I have been a dressmaker all my life and so working with material is fine. I had to learn the art of working with wood and hopefully I am getting better as time goes by.

Below are some pictures of my work. I hope you like looking at them... will hopefully keep updating them.


The dressing table stool is made from mahogany and covered in pure silk fabric


This kitchen and all that is in it was my first try at working with wood... I just love making kitchen furniture, bringing walls forward to make it more interesting


I  still haven't finished the piano I need to find something to make the foot pedals from! Any ideas?

The  dining roomis  in  the same house as the above kitchen. I made the furniture out of walnut, the chairs took some carving won't be making any more! Think I am improving... hope so.  One of my favourite pieces in this setting is the serving table in the left hand corner... that too is made from walnut



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